Solar Panels for Home: How Much a Smart Investment?

From an aspect of the weather, the UK is not certainly known for its warm and sunny climate and it seems to be the best country for producing solar power from the sun. However, solar power requires some extent of daylight to extract the sun’s energy. That means Britain is the top country which can still harness the solar power in spite of frequent incidents of overcast and rainy seasons. The researchers uncover the fact that in the year 2017, solar energy is accounted for 3.4% of the total electricity generation in Britain which was 3.1% in 2016. It has been counted that solar power is the third most generated renewable source of energy in the UK. After the wind power and biomass, it is the popular source and it is highly admirable that the UK is the sixth-largest producer of solar energy which ranks after China, Japan, the USA, and Italy. In the years of 2013, the UK was ranked 10th on the list, and the report shows that in Britain the use of the sustainable and clean source of energy is accelerating.

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How the Solar Power Can Be Generated?

Solar energy is in simple words can be defined as the energy that is harnessed from the sun. The sun actually radiates an incredible amount of energy in a single hour which is enough to compensate the energy requirements of the entire world’s electricity needs for an entire year. This is the advancement of technology, that can help to capture the abundant source of energy which can be utilised as the source of power for the homes, businesses, and the vehicles and more.

Though capturing solar power completely an expensive endeavour and the tools are inefficient for this. Hence, mankind is not fully prepared to take the full advantage of solar power yet. But the latest technologies are showing the positivity that the notion is changing and the solar energy infrastructure becomes cheaper and more efficient.

The solar energy in the form of the electricity is generated from the sun and it actually takes place for collecting the photons in the sun’s light using the photovoltaic solar panels. The panels consist of the Photovoltaic cells that consume the sun’s energy and the inverter converts it into AC which is used in the home appliances.

To utilise this the top UK based companies are offering the best products these are the source of the energy for most of the households. Be a user and save your dollars from the budget.

Solar Panel Installation Can Be Highly Advantageous – Know Here

Solar panels are the most sort-after alternative for electricity generation reducing the depletion of fossil fuels. Using solar power in homes has reduced the expenses on electricity utility bills remarkably and yet there are many more advantages to it. Whether you are a homeowner or you own a commercial space, you can avail of the benefits of installing these panels.

The skyrocketing pollution levels are affecting the atmosphere detrimentally, whereas using solar panels to generate power emits no harmful greenhouse gases. Less dependence on the grid for the residential and commercial electrical needs can substantially reduce pollution.

Know the list of advantages that you can enjoy by installing solar panels in your home – some of them you already know and some you might not have considered till now:

Reduced electricity bills

Using solar panels for meeting the electrical requirements of your house can help you cut down on the ever-increasing power consumption bills. The more power your panels will generate the lesser you have to buy from the grid, helping you to reduce your expense.

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Enhance the value of your home

Buying a house which has solar panels installed converts into low electricity utility expense. It will increase the valuation of the property in the real estate market and you will have to pay low property taxes as it will also increase home energy ratings. Surveys show that houses that have solar power generation facilities sell 20% faster and for more money, nearly 17%.

Solar is a wise investment

Solar power is an upward trend. The electricity supplying agencies are infamous for their unreliable and high rising electricity costs. With solar panels, one can easily calculate how much electricity can be produced and mostly, the price associated is only the installation charge.

Huge government support

The government supports solar power initiatives to a great extent. Both domestic and commercial solar panel installations can offer tax credits keeping the price of solar power production more reasonable.

No extra space is required

It is easily installable on all types of roofs. This eliminates the installation taking up any useful land space in your property making it one of the most efficient sources of energy. They can also hide the shingles from different elements.

Decrease carbon footprint

A solar panel produces no noise and air pollution proving it to be an important energy source for combating climate change. According to the surveys, an 8.6kW house solar power system eliminates an equivalent of 9606 pounds of carbon dioxide that is emitted in the air every year. Nearly 50 big trees are required to reduce this level of carbon footprint, and you can do it by installing a solar power system. It is probably like growing small forests saving both the finances and nature.

Install Solar Panels Ignoring the Busted Myths

We are living in a scientific era when advanced technology is all set to surpass fossil fuels. From the beginning of the first quarter in 2017 solar energy has been contributed to some extent of electricity to the UK grids. This will like to rise very soon by the year-end. It sounds quite equivocal, given the fact that you can invest in green energy without shaking your bank. With the advent of technology, solar energy has become even more cost-effective with each progressive day. Giving up fossil fuels and adopting renewable sources is highly productive news for many homeowners and it sheds a ray of hope for our sustainable environment that includes flora, fauna, seas, and oceans. Though it is a nascent stage of producing solar energy through the PV cells, many myths are blowing smoke that leaves the homeowners into two minds about embracing renewable sources in the broadest sense. But you must not develop any misconception about the viability or environmental impacts of solar panels. You should not retract to install solar panels in your home. Everybody must be stalwart to clean energy solutions and you must walk through the common myths to establish a separate fact line from fiction.

The Myths are included as-

Solar panels can Use most of the agricultural lands

People try to conserve and reserve lands and there is flinch of ideas that solar panels invade acres of rural lands but the reality is, it is manufactured by the painstakingly technologically advanced way that is more keen to preserve the natural resources rather than destroying these.

Solar panels are worthy

The traditional way of producing energy from coal and petroleum is costly. But solar power is a more economical solution than the traditional power and non-green energy resources.

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Solar power consumes water

Again it is a myth. It is true that it requires water but the amount is little that is required in conventional electricity. Water is necessary only for cleaning the panels.

So the real verdict is solar energy is reliable viable and sustainable. Make a shift today as the solar installation will not engage your agricultural lands and will not cause water scarcity. The whole cost very reasonable.

Many UK based companies are in this field but very small amounts are in repute. You can contact the top companies to install high-quality solar panels. Enjoy the natural power without a hassle any more. Don’t trust the fake and fraudulent news and install this for a better life.

5 Benefits of Installing Solar Panels at Home

Solar panels are a great way to offset energy costs, lower the environmental impact of your home and provide a host of other benefits, such as supporting local businesses and contributing to energy independence.

Do you have a plan to install solar panels on your home? Let’s get to know first about the experiences of a solar panel user sharing top five benefits of using solar panels instead.

Reduce your energy bill

Solar panels generate energy to supply your energy requirements. It means that you will be using less from the utility supplier and that will immediately help save on your energy bill. In addition, you can also make money by selling the surplus electricity that you have generated and stored and can send back to the grid. You can make your green investment even more beneficial through solar panel grants offers. The more energy you can generate, the less you will require from the supplier that will elevate your energy independence.

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Solar energy is applicable everywhere

Solar energy can be deployed anywhere as long as there is sunshine. It is especially useful for remote regions, where there is no access to any other source of electricity. There is a large amount of people around the world who don’t have access to electricity.

You can deploy independent solar panels systems in those regions and improve the lives of millions of people. In addition, solar energy system is also used to power up space crafts and boats.

Energy production matches the time frame of higher demand

Energy requirements tend to be higher in the 11:00-16:00 time frame. In the early evening, this requirement also tends to go high. It is, therefore, quire natural that the price of the electricity peaks during this period. Solar energy can reach its maximum production capacity during those hours. Electricity generated at that time has greater value than if it were generated at night. With the extra electricity input of solar energy, prices in those time frames might be driven down to a level close to those of night hours.

Less electricity lost during long-distance transport

Some of the energy that ranges between three to five percent tends to go away during transportation and distribution. The longer the distances between the production and the supply points, the more energy is lost. Those losses might not be huge, but they can influence the performance of the installation in the regions with high population density. So, you can have solar panels on the roof or in the yard to significantly reduce this distance, which will help increase the efficiency of the solar panels.

Improves grid security

Grid is less vulnerable to blackouts. A grid with high penetration of solar energy has thousands of energy production centres that are widely spread out. It tends to improve the security of the grid in case of overload, human-induced disasters, etc.

Facts about the Cost of Solar Panel

It is most people’s nature to check the cost before judging its quality and productivity. When it comes to something so expensive like solar system no one will take a step further before being sure that they can afford it. The solar system is surely something you cannot decide to buy on a whim. At present, a great number of people are interested to install solar panels at their home to have a relaxed and high-standard life without the hassle of power outage and limitations of public utility companies. 

Although people are familiar with the positive sides of the solar system, they really get anxious while investing a good amount of money on it. Therefore, here we have tried to present some facts which might help you to determine whether or not, purchasing solar panels is a profitable option for you.

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A complete estimate of solar system installation:

Cost of solar panels: 

While you are going to shop for a solar system the first thing you need to consider the cost of specific solar panels you are going to buy. Well, the cost of solar panels varies on the basis of its size and type. In the UK, the average cost of solar panels is between £4000 and £6000. It is really surprising to get solar panels at low rates. But, the only reason for the cost of solar panels lowering is the technological advances which are increasing the demand for solar panels in the current market in the UK.

Cost of solar panel installation:

What the cost of solar panel installation will be, it totally depends on the service providers. But, there are other factors which also have an impact on the cost of solar installation. Let’s check them out!

  • Total energy consumption that needs to be covered for daily usage
  • Types of solar panel installation
  • Types of the inverter you are buying
  • Types of your roofing system
  • Climate, weather changes, and shading

The professional technicians will charge the installation cost by considering these factors. You can search online more to be more confident. However, it is surely a profitable choice for homeowners who want a permanent solution and keep away from problems like power outage for years to come.

Do you still have queries related to the cost of solar panels and installation? You can contact a professional service provider to get more information on this matter.

Wherefrom Can You Buy SolarEdge Products for Your Solar Energy System?

Getting the solar energy system in a house is one of the most useful steps that can be taken for lessening the increasing electricity bills and safeguarding the upcoming days. If you have already made a change to the solar energy system, you should gather sufficient information about the techniques to make the most suitable use of it efficiently.

Utilities of the tools

The batteries used in the solar energy system are prepared in a method that makes them take up the unused energy that is generally moved back to the power producing grid. To make use of the unconsumed electricity accumulated in the solar battery storage system, the thing you need is a solar storage battery of high standard manufactured by the well-known brands like SolarEdge that has been trusted by numerous customers for more than a few years. The advantages that you can get after fixing such a greatly functional battery to your solar PV system are:

  • Extra energy save
  • Almost no dependence on the national power grid
  • No worry about the ever-escalating energy charge
  • Well-organized use of the complete system

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Reliable companies

In the UK, there are some companies of good status that provide specialized help to people in any type of project related to the solar energy system. These organisations have achieved a huge reputation for selling products essential for the faultless performance of the solar electricity system. In order to buy a SolarEdge solar panel battery of the best quality, you need to make a purchase from these renowned companies only. Besides the battery storage products, the other items sold by these illustrious companies are:

  • Solar PV
  • Inverter Upgrades
  • Voltage optimiser
  • Immersion controller
  • Heating controls
  • Soiling protection

All of these products are made by the leading brands in this industry and they are obtainable at the most reasonable prices.

Visit the official web pages of these distinguished organisations to gather more details. If you have any questions about their products or services, feel free to get in touch with their professionals by using the contact details given there on their websites.

Why Solar Battery Storage is a Great Addition to Your Solar PV

In recent times, the popularity of solar energy is increasing rapidly. People have realized the importance of this renewable source of energy over the conventional resources. And thus, people in more & more number are installing solar panels in their household and in other places.

Well! A solar panel comes with a number of essential & important units and solar battery storage is one such important thing. People often feel clueless about its importance. Here goes a chain of explanation that would help everyone to understand its necessity.

  • First of all, the arrays of solar panels convert ample amount of light or photon energy into DC electricity.
  • Well! As the electricity generated in huge amount, there is a battery controller that send the excess or unused generation to the solar battery storage.
  • The storage unit stores the excess amount of energy in order to be used whenever it is required.
  • Lastly, the battery controller unit draws energy from the battery whenever it is needed or required.

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As of now, you might have understood that how crucial or necessary this unit is. There are a number of perks or benefits that come along with this unit. Take a look at the following section.

  • With the addition of a battery storage unit to your existing solar panel, you can save a significant amount of money on your next month’s billing.
  • By opting battery storage system, you are actually helping your household to away from issues like brownouts and blackouts.
  • You do not need to worry about the price hikes by your energy suppliers anymore. As you are using the stored solar energy at night, you are drawing pretty less amount of electricity; so, price hikes should not bother you much.

All these benefits & the chain of events only highlight that how important and necessary this storage unit is for your entire solar panel.